Parent Spotlight

From time to time we will put the ‘spotlight’ on a Mitchell parent. We continue the series with Theresa Hanson.

FoM: What are the names of your children and their grade level?
Theresa: Jake Hanson 4th grade, Isabella “Issy” Hanson 1st grade.
FoM: How long have you been a part of the Mitchell community?
Theresa: This is our 4th year at Mitchell.
FoM: What is your favorite Mitchell event and why?
Theresa: The Barnes & Noble Book Fair is my favorite event. It brings me joy to witness my children get exited to spend a Sunday afternoon at a book store with their classmates listening to their favorite teachers read a book. It is also quite rewarding to be a part of a successful event that involves the donation of books to our classes.
FoM: What is the one meal your child will always eat?
Theresa: My kiddos will NEVER turn down chow mein and orange chicken from Panda Express.
FoM: Do you have a recommendation for a fun non-Mitchell event/activity that Mitchell families should check out? Why?
Theresa: Monkey Island is a great place to spend an afternoon. The kids can run and jump for hours. They also have a new basketball court and various video games. The parents can grab a table and chairs bring a deck of cards and play a few card games while the kids burn it off.
FoM: How do you spend your free time (if you ever get any)?
Theresa: I now spend my free time enjoying the company of my husband, my mom and friends.
FoM: Where would you go for the perfect weekend getaway?
Theresa: The perfect weekend getaway would be South Beach Miami with my husband.
FoM: What is your proudest parent moment?
Theresa: Every time I look into my children’s eyes is a proud moment. They are my WORLD.
FoM: What is your favorite kid quote?
Theresa: Issy: “Jake be a gentleman and carry my backpack upstairs because I’m a lady.” Jake: “Carry your own backpack. You’re not a lady you’re my sister.”
FoM: What is your favorite holiday? Why??
Theresa: My favorite holiday is Christmas! Annual toy drive for Lurie Children’s Hospital, the gathering of family, the food comas, shopping for that one special family ornament and the magic of Christmas morning is the BEST!!!
FoM: What advice would you give a new Mitchell parent?
Theresa: I would not provide advice to a new Mitchell parent, however from my experiences I would like to say, “come with an open heart and an open mind.”