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We ask that all Mitchell families get involved. The more active parents and caregivers are, the more dynamic and enriching Mitchell will be for our kids.

We are organized into an Executive Board and four committees.

Please email a lead committee team member if you are able to contribute. Include in your email what talents and resources you can offer. You may also email Friends of Mitchell for general questions or drop us a message via our contact form.


Molly Catalano – Chair
Zach Abel – Vice-Chair
Cynthia Bednarz – Treasurer
Beth Gomez – Secretary
Niki Busé
Julie Demange
Craig Franzen
Sara Gronowski
Theresa Hanson
Melissa Kolum
Nikki Milberg
Annemarie Robinovitz


This committee’s goal is to raise funds for technology, help support the Hubbard Street Dance Company program and other needs as requested by the principal.

Committee Leads: Molly Catalano.


This committee’s goal is to promote Friends of Mitchell, create marketing materials, manage the volunteer database and make sure volunteers get assigned to committees and stay involved.

Committee Leads: Lynn Bagley and Niki Buse


This committee’s goal is to steward the southeast corner garden and neighborhood clean up.  The Garden Team has the following volunteer opportunities: Garden Maintenance Volunteer, Education Volunteer, Plant Day/Harvest Day Volunteer; Gardening Consultant, Media Volunteer and an In-Kind Donations Volunteer.

Why school gardens?  A school garden provides daily connections to the environment for urban dwellers.  School gardens are incredible learning tools that allow exposure to nature.

Committee Leads: Debbie Chiu and Jennifer Turner.


This committee’s goal is to build a Google system for information sharing, host an annual technology night and maintain the FOM website.

Committee Lead: Andy Kaplan and Zach Abel.

Friends of The Small School with Big Dreams

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